Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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A Random Idiotic Story Supplying No Real Purpose Trebor observed his messy office. He needed to get out of this diminutive space. He did not know why, but something impelled him to get out of his room. As he turned the doorknob, he felt a chill that took over his body. When the door opened, Trebor realized he was in a cubicle. The bleak room gave him a languid feeling. Trevor was skeptical of what he was seeing. As he turned around to exit this incredulous room, he noticed the door was gone. Where the door had once stood was a window. Trebor heard a voice whispering to him, but could not make out what it was saying over the rasping sound, which began to escalate. The noise impaired his hearing so he put his hands over his ears. As he looked up, he saw a horde of people. Trebor observed the powerful machines. Most of the people outside were lined up in straight lines with an auxiliary force near by. As soon as he thought he was hindered in this room, a grievous man came forward. The tag on his uniform was inscribed with "Korby". He had a candid expression on his face. He rendered, "I'm Korby -agent number 4248, an envoy of our invincible government." "Invincible government? You've got to be kidding with me! This sounds like something straight out of the movies." Trebor's stolid expression Trebor Visits the New World: 3020 A.D. said it all. He is lost in this world; incredulous about his surroundings. He asked himself where he was and told himself it has got to be just a dream, but it couldn't cure his anxiety. "What year is this?" "This is 3020," replied Korby. With this Korby went into a monologue, which seemed like an eternity to listen to. It was only the preamble to the rugged history of this futuristic world. "It all fell apart", explained Korby. "Democracy and stability can only last for so long. The fate of our world looked so bleak that we became desperate. The people of this world buil t these virtually invincible machines. They were almost human-like. They were peaceful and kept order, but as time passed, a few exploited these machines. Instead of keeping the peace, they destroyed it. The diamonds, which were their power source, were being used to destroy society. Millions died at the hands of the machines and those despicable people that controlled them.

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